New projects on the way

I have teamed up with a great group of people to work on a brand new publication called 33. My role in this magazine is Creative Director as well as Fashion Editor. This is a whole new outlet for me to branch out and be creative in a different field. Naturally I am pretty excited and can’t wait to share everything that the team has been working on but, unfortunately everyone will just have to wait until the release date. If you want to take a look at the direction we are headed please check out

There are a lot of things to look forward towards as well. I have a shoot with a recording artist on Oct. 5th, I will also be working in Winter Park Fashion week Oct. 15th, possibly another big modeling competition/ fashion show in november, and working on the December issue of Orlando Style magazine. Those are just some of the side projects that allow me to continue to be creative in my field aside from being behind the chair in my salon. There are a few more things in the works and I’m just simply eager to continue to move forward.

Written by AngelCardona

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