Wedding day


Congratulations to Jossie on her special day!

Sharing Romeo Beckham Stars in Burberry Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign

Romeo Beckham Stars in Burberry Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign: Sent from TrendTracker

LaPalme Magazine

Recently I was contacted to come on board as the Creative Director of LaPalme Magazine which will be a fashion and entertainment publication. I’m excited about the new position and look forward to bringing amazing editorials and great content to the southeast region. The first issue is due to release in February, and the website will be up shortly. You can check back in for more info at

Raw’s Hair Stylist of the Year!

Well recently I competed in RAW’s Hair Stylist of the Year competition and won… :). I had to put on a 15 minute show case to enter the competition and then they invite back their favorites. After they invited back their favorites to compete for the title of Hair Stylist of the Year they set it up like a trade show and we each had our booth where the audience came around to vote which counted for 50% and the judges counted for the other 50% of the vote. I was lucky enough to have a great show and be chosen to win and represent Orlando.


Raw Hair Artist of the Year Nominee

Thank you everyone who came out to my last show I appreciate it. Raw has nominated me for hair artist of the year and I will be competing on Nov 8th at the Abbey. The audience counts for 50% of the vote and the judges count for the other 50%. So if you can please come out and put some votes in 🙂 that would be awesome. If you would like more info about the event you can go to

RAW Hair Show featuring Angel Cardona

Hey everyone! I will be doing a small hair show on October 11th at the Abbey in downtown Thornton Park. The event will showcase fine artists, body painters, musical performers, and a small fashion show. My hair models will be dressed by designer Peter Morales. If you could also vote for me for Hair Artist of the Year that would be awesome. You could vote everyday up until Oct. 16th at 2:59am. For ticket information and voting please go to I’m in the hair category so please vote for me.

Before & After


Elizabeth felt like it was time for a new look and opted to go with a cut that would frame her face. So we changed the color up a bit and cut the length to her jaw line. Now her hair flatters her and is more of an accessory to her look. Let us know what you think.

Off to NY

Sitting in the plane, waiting to take off to NY. I’m super excited for this trip, I know it is going to be a great experience working back stage for NY Fashion Week. I’m thrilled to be able to do this to say the least. I just wish I was able to get a better night sleep last night. Well the plane is about to take off I will check back in with you all later. 🙂

Less then 2 weeks away…

In less then 2 weeks I will be working backstage in New York Fashion Week. I am really excited for this trip and will hopefully be taking & posting pics shortly after.

Fashion Week!

I’m still really excited and looking forward to my trip to New York in September were I will be working back stage at fashion week. I am looking forward to having a great experience and hopefully meet some cool people. New York is a fun place and I haven’t been back in about 2 years so it is definitely time. If you are looking to book your appointment before I leave on Sept 7th or right after I come back on the 12th make sure to book it online now or call my salon at 407-650-1811.